HoPE III Project Launch

On our (myself and Emily) first working day we attended an official launch of Health of People and Environment (HoPE III) project in Maliba, a Subcounty of the Kasese district.

This project aims to improve environmental management and sustainable development of the Lake Victoria Basin region and to improve the well-being of its vulnerable populations such as teenage mothers.
According to the grant work plan printed by RCRA, the project shall support young mothers for IGAs and assist women in engaging male partners in family planning and HIV testing. The project shall deliver integrated Population Health and environment interventions at Household level (Nutrition, WASH, FP, Immunisation, Tests and referrals for treatment, adherence counselling, malaria prevention, energy savings stoves, fruit planting, VSLAs, alternative livelihoods, PHE clubs in school, adolescent, reproductive and Maternal Health).

On our visit to the Sub-county, we sat with the Young mothers and asked what pathway they would like to take now. The consensus was to go back to school and finish education, some of them wanted to have vocational training, while others wanted help in starting their own businesses selling clothes and jewellery. Members from the RCRA will now look into this options and provide guidance and support in making this happen. In addition to this 25 households will be used as the model households to have all of the above incorporated into their lives and homes.

This being the launch, during my time here I have many more meetings to attend on this project and myself will be supplying reusable sanitary products to the young women and offering education about the menstrual cycle, and hopefully, some words to empower the women.

Maliba, HOPE III official project launch. Speaking is the chairperson

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