My Fundraising events

Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge that I think bag packing at local supermarkets would have been a great way to raise money. However, a lot of supermarkets can only support local charities and groups and it is difficult to get approval for an International Organisation. Therefore, I did not bag pack at supermarkets.

One thing I did do however was sold valentines sweet packages. The trick was to buy little valentines themes sweets and chocolates from somewhere affordable such as Home Bargains or B & M Bargains just to name a few. Then I and my dedicated best friend spent a short time putting together these sweets, wrapping them in tissue paper and tying them with a bow, both of which you get from a pound shop or affordable shop such as the ones previously mentioned. As it was for valentines there was only really a short period of time we could sell these sweet packages.

Every plan does not come without difficulty. On the day it was a dreary wet day, the sour weather was affecting the sales and potential customers moods. This cannot be a set back however, I decided to wear a pepperami costume while my trusty companion took charge of the stall (not without embarrassment). In a situation like this, you have to hope that your persistent enthusiasm will outshine the bad weather and win the people over.  So here I am, a giant dancing sausage, singing my jingle at university (appropriate for adult audiences only) and trying to sell these sweet packages. Remember to keep prices affordable! After a while, we got more customers and sold a good amount before we got too cold and duty called for lectures. We made a good dent and made more than the money we spent which is key.

Selling Valentines Sweet packages at University

I did, however, have some left. What to do with valentines sweets? Its mothers day next so I did the only thing I could think of… I went to the shops, bought some cellophane, a teddy, a box of chocolates, fudge and a few new sweets. So this was a good way to spend the evening with my parents and be productive with the fundraising. That night we turned the sweet packages into two mothers day hampers to raffle on my sister’s raffle page (handy right). In addition to these, we did a guess the teddy on the raffle too which all made good little amounts to put towards my total.

Raffle Prize

My final main event was a swap shop. This, however, did not turn out as planned. Trying to organise a community gathering is incredibly hard. There was a lot of time and effort put for such a small turn out. I have to say it was a great idea and could have been a big hit, given more time and the correct promotion. However, my difficulty was getting it to appeal to a diverse audience. I did make some money on the raffle and on some of the food however it was not what I had hoped. What I have learned from this attempt is to stick with one leaflet, get people to buy tickets prior, therefore, they are more likely to show having paid money and to allow more preparation time.

All in all, fundraising can be really fun and you can get creative with it. However be prepared to put in a little elbow grease and you know what they say… persistence is key!

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