Celebrating a birthday

On May 8th it was Emily’s birthday. Been this far away from home can be hard and not knowing many people usually means there will not be much celebrating. This was not the case this time, however. First thing in the morning Emily was greeted with me singing along to a happy birthday song, dancing around the table at 7:30 in the morning. We did however then have to head into work for the day since that is why we are here. I happened to mention to one of the sister’s about Emily’s birthday, and she seemed very excited and had lots of questions. As the working day ended our supervisor, let slip that there will be something happening later for Emily’s birthday.

We get home, nobody is around, so we go to our building and enjoy some relaxation time. Later on, we head to the sister’s building we sit on the sofa for a few minutes to be greeted with several of the sister’s walking in with a homemade cake and a bowl of mangos wrapped in a pretty pink bow signing happy birthday. It was so moving and kind to watch and be a part of. In total there are 12 sister’s, and they have visitors often too. So it was amusing that when each individual person came home, Emily got another round of happy birthdays, like the queen she is. I’ve got to say, and I am sure Emily will feel these same, we will remember this day for the rest of our lives. Not only did we take several amazing selfies with the sisters but I decided to play my music on my portable speaker, and not many people can say they got down with the sisters. It made my entire night. These ladies love the music… especially Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. I knocked something off my bucket list I didn’t even know was there. These ladies never fail to surprise us or fill us with the purest joy!


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