Guide Radio 10th Anniversary event


On Saturday 12th May, we had the pleasure of attending Kasese Guide Radio’s 10th Anniversary event. When I was first informed about the event, I don’t know what I expected, but what I go was beyond expectations. From earlyish in the morning, we could hear music and noise, we thought they would be just setting up. Around 11am Sister Margaret arrived to escort us to the event, we were met by hundreds of locals all in one place, with African music, stalls and marquees. It was surreal. When we arrived, we got escorted to the religious tent where the sister’s and priests were sitting. To our surprise, there were seats there for us also. The event was so vibrant, a large assembly of music and culture and happiness. We look around, and all the sisters who were already waiting were wearing white Guide Radio caps. Of course, we could not miss out on the fun and bought ourselves one too!

Me and Emily in our merchandise
Myself and Emily wearing our Kasese Guide radio caps

I was mesmerised by the congregation of people in the centre of the field up dancing and enjoying all the incredible music the radio was playing. After prayers and speeches from the VIP’s, there was different groups and famous Ugandan singers. I have to say I did feel like royalty, all the treatment the religious leaders and representatives received we did too. Initially, when we arrived, I just thought we were being shown to where the sisters were sitting. Turns out we were treated as important guests and everywhere we wished to go, they had someone escort us. It was nice, but I did feel as though I had not earned yet, the special attention I was receiving.

The day was scorching, after the main events myself and Emily chose to return back to the convent to rehydrate and get some shade. I have to say the Ugandan’s sure know how to party. This event lasted till 4am the following morning. I was incredible to see such passion, energy and community spirit that day. Not only did they celebrate till late, to my utter surprise the locals still made it to morning mass at 7:15 in the morning. Now that is true commitment.



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