DHO Meeting

On Monday, 14th May, we attended a meeting at the district health office. At this meeting, we listened in about the work they had done offering vaccinations and tests to each sub-county as well as the training they gave to teachers, nurses and headteachers. After this, the RCRA pitched the HoPE III project to the DHO. The aim of this was to get the district health offices advice and offer support to this project. It was an honour to listen in on such a critical discussion. It was clear that many of the attendees had questions in which Jostas answered with ease. I also believe it was beneficial for the RCRA to hear feedback and have other views and suggestions to take on board. I have found that in Projects like these, they are always evolving. For example, if it were not for this meeting, the controlled sub-county would not have been changed enable a better comparison to the evolutionary county Maliba. This county shared more similarities that would provide better, more conclusive data.

After this meeting, it was suggested we meet with the education department as a lot of this project includes educating school children about sustainable living and much more. I learned on this occasion that with such large projects that there are so many perspectives that need to be considered.


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