Preparing for a new arrival

On Sunday, May 13th, we all realised that there was a new volunteer arriving and we had some preparation that needed doing. After spending the day sunning ourselves up, Emily and I realised we needed a lot of bits from the supermarket before Vicky arrived. It came to tea time, and it ended up we headed to Fort Portal where there is more option. Driving there made us realise that: 1) that the roads are lethal and it is like being on a roller coaster, and 2) Fort Portal is a complete different booming city.

We searched around this massive market, looking at the variety of fruit and vegetables, leaving there with way more than planned but with unbelievable bargains. I have to admit that when we reached the supermarkets, we got a bit too excited about the fact they had miniature trollies and that there was so much more option than the town we are staying in. Considering we did not know Vicky’s likes and dislikes food wise, we probably went a bit overboard when food shopping.

As it got to late evening, we thought we might as well wait around for Vicky and her driver to pass through the city. In the meantime, Jostas took us to what looked like a bar. Turns out its this amazingly decorated, outside eatery where we had THE BEST pork. We sat down with a soft drink, enjoying our pork waiting for Vicky. Turns out, out wifi had died, the primary phone had died, and by the time we returned to the car to charge them, the newcomer and her driver had been waiting around for us while we sat scoffing our faces. (Oops).

The journey home felt like it took forever, but I could not help being the comedian belting out my songs on the back seat from my phone like a teenager on a school bus, and making jokey (not so jokey) comments about how I was going flying over all the bumps. As it was incredibly late, we had to whip something quick up for Vicky to eat as she had been travelling for what seemed like forever. We turned in and gave our newcomer a proper welcome in the morning.

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