Amabere caves and Waterfall


Saturday 19th June 2018

As the three of us (Myself, Vicky and Emily) were all now settled in, we wanted to enjoy some of the tourist spots in Uganda. We jumped in the car and headed towards Fort Portal. I have to be honest, some parts of my day did not go as expected, but this blog will not explore it in great detail, you will have to look out for an upcoming blog for that read!

After the long bumpy drive, we have gotten so used to, we arrived at the Amabere caves and waterfalls. The views on the way up were incredible, refreshing and something I will never truly get used to. Once we arrived, we were lead into a lodge looking reception. This is where we encountered our first issue (Follow blogs to find out more). After we got over the shock of what had just happened, we continued on to be met by our tour guide. He was very friendly and informative and told us about the legend about the caves. A very intriguing story to say the least. Do not worry… I shall share a shortened version just for you.

Legend says that a princess fell in love with one of the castle’s servants. Of course, the king was not happy about this when he found out and decided to have one of the princesses breasts cut off and an eye cut out, this was in hope to make her ugly so she would not be wanted anymore. The princess was already with child, however, and when she gave birth to a son, the King ordered him to be killed. The servants, however, were loyal to the princess and took the child to a nearby forest where he was found and raised by a local cattle farmer. Skip ahead several years. This boy often worked on his adoptive father’s farm with the cows, but he did not like it when the King’s cows grazed with the local cows. Often he would chase them away. When the King found out about this boy and the cows, ultimately they fought, and the prince unknowingly killed his grandfather.

We began the trail and made our way through a forest which represented the forest the one the child was left in. Feeling like Indiana Jones and proud of smoothly made it through, trees, mud and over boulders, we arrived at the most breathtaking waterfall. The tour guide gave us some information about the workings of the waterfall, which of course I have failed to remember due to me thinking I’m Ansel Adams getting all my landscape photographs. The views were unreal and to have that experience has knocked something off my bucket list I again did not even know was there.


We then continued exploring the various caves in the vicinity. Our guide explained that there were static and active mights and tights. These were pointed parts that made up the cave. He pointed to some that looked like breasts explaining that it representing the breast that was removed from the princess. There were others that looked like teets that were to represent a cows udder. I did enjoy a joke with the girls about there being so many breasts in one place. We are still young university students after all.


As the tour came to a close, we had to make our way back to the start. Little did we know that this meant having to climb a giant mudslide after a nights rainfall. This was the most amusing part of the experience, to say the least. With lots of slips, slides, screams and of course me at the top capturing the girls best moments on camera. The overall tour was a lovely experience, and we were really glad to have had the chance to explore such beauty.

We had intended to also attend the hot springs the same day, this, however, didn’t happen due to again another issue which I would like to explore in a future blog.