Some days are better than others

It is easy when you see amazing photos, new posts, and lots of updates of the busy schedules we have, to think that “Oh Shes having the time of her life, it must be such an easy life, all is perfect.” Do not get me wrong we are, I am having the time of my life, and this experience is unforgettable but some days are better than others.

We are three girls in a foreign country, away from any familiarity, with hormones, feelings, stresses, illness, and worries. We are doing something we love, but although we believe we are doing something that can change the lives of the people we come across, there are also days we have to be 20-year-old girls and feel our emotions. Everything here is heightened for us. When you feel joy and accomplishment, it’s an unbelievable feeling; the highs are very high, they are joyous, surreal, we cannot believe how lucky we are to be having this experience. We are fortunate, and we know this!

But let me tell you this, between the three of us we have had our fair share of drama. Small things feel so big… we have had literal heart attacks and breakdowns because there are ants on our bowl, a frog in a room or a moth lands on your face. We have screamed, ran, hid and crept like very bad ninjas just to hide from the loud flying bug.

Being girls at our hormonal times, somedays we just want to cry.. just because. We strop because the wifi is slow (even though we are in Africa). We sit staring at a meal winging that its the worst thing in the world just because we want some ice-cream and chocolate. You can have one of us sit quiet or hide away in our rooms and another sit around the table making every aggregated winge and groan possible. The best thing is… we get it. We all understand because we have felt it and like a true girl unit should… we pick each other up, make each other laugh or hate on the same thing as you, so that you know you are not being overdramatic. I cannot count the number of times we could have won a soap award for our dramatic actions, entrances, and exits. It’s comical. But it’s us.

We get a lot of comments saying be more tolerant; you cannot feel this way because you are working people who do not have what you have. We know this, but we are also human. We could have had the most incredible day, accomplished so much for the community but sometimes you’ve had enough because we find over here people try to push us for more and more. It is never enough and sometimes, even though you have done something so helpful, like everywhere, people want/need more, and at that moment you feel as though you are not doing enough or you have not given enough. The main thing we have to remember is, when we get home after our day, to sit and talk about it. It is easy to get caught up in the motions, want to do everything and more. We are only students, we do what we can, many of the people we have helped and met are so grateful, and we need to take a step back and think… “you know what? I did that! We did that! This small/big gesture however people interpret it has made a change to even a few lives. We have made that small difference.”

Some of my favourite moments between the three of us is the boy drama. Yes, we are grown adults, living independently in a foreign country for a while, but no matter how far away you are, boys can still drive you crazy. The best part you ask? Is the fact we sit here preaching woman power and being strong independent women. I genuinely believe sometimes me being as stubborn as I am.. with everyone, including my man, that I am a bad influence on the other girls when it comes to their partners. But we are here to learn from each other so my influence is probably a good thing… so I keep telling myself.

We have seen eachother at our best and worst, we have all hit a brick wall, felt like we are going to die from a headache, inspected eachothers foot bites and now alls I can say is girls who burp together… stay together!

To finish my long but educational blog. We like to sleep a lot, love junk food, miss home, have a future career in acting and could not live without our daily dose of Redbull, dairy milk and black coffee!! We are the epitome of hormonal women. But after our mini meltdowns, sulks and days where we feel sorry for ourselves. We pick up our frowns, red bulls and incredible charm and get back to doing the amazing work we have been doing every single day because these little worries and stresses ultimately are nothing compared to the incredible feeling we get from doing some good. It genuinely is all worth it!


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