Preparing for a new arrival

On Sunday, May 13th, we all realised that there was a new volunteer arriving and we had some preparation that needed doing. After spending the day sunning ourselves up, Emily and I realised we needed a lot of bits from the supermarket before Vicky arrived. It came to tea time, and it ended up we … Continue reading Preparing for a new arrival

Guide Radio 10th Anniversary event

  On Saturday 12th May, we had the pleasure of attending Kasese Guide Radio's 10th Anniversary event. When I was first informed about the event, I don't know what I expected, but what I go was beyond expectations. From earlyish in the morning, we could hear music and noise, we thought they would be just … Continue reading Guide Radio 10th Anniversary event

What to expect coming to Uganda…

First and foremost, you can never be fully prepared as to what Uganda or any foreign, African country is going to be like. You can listen to stories, watch news videos and adverts but ultimately there is only so much preparation you can do. This blog is about my first few days and impressions, but … Continue reading What to expect coming to Uganda…

My Fundraising events

Firstly, I'd like to acknowledge that I think bag packing at local supermarkets would have been a great way to raise money. However, a lot of supermarkets can only support local charities and groups and it is difficult to get approval for an International Organisation. Therefore, I did not bag pack at supermarkets. One thing … Continue reading My Fundraising events